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benjamin dove | interaction design institute ivrea, 2003 - 2005
november 2003

(andreea chelaru, ben dove, noel perlas, thomas stovicek)

soundtrack - design sketch

Following on from the interaction-time investigation, the group proceeded to design systems and spaces to allow people to leave marks using sound, focusing both on using sound as the mechanism and incorporating the ciccio ('inflatable interactive environment') structure as a design constraint for an interactive installation. The general concept was to allow sound to be captured, stored and replayed at varying points in the space, as well as moving the sound through the space over time.

We decided upon the use of a telephone as the sound input, as it seemed an obvious choice for an object for be used to 'speak' to the space, requiring little instruction for the user.

soundtrack - installation pictures

The finished installation composed of:

  • 1 ciccio
  • 1 phone stand
  • 1 computer (recording, playback and panning software done in director)
  • 3 speakers (only 2 used in the final version)
  • lots of wire
soundtrack - sewing the speaker to ciccio

How it worked: a person picks up the phone, presses the button on the phone stand to activate the recording, speaks then releases the button. The sound is then played back through the speakers (sewed onto the ceiling of the ciccio), looping in a steady rhythm as it moves (pans) down the length of the space and fades away. The speed at which it does this is determined by the length of the sound sample.

soundtrack - installation production

video clip of the installation.

In conclusion it became clear that the use of the telephone handset as the primary sound input device created confusion, as the installation did not act as a phone so it was suggested that this aspect was not totally successful. Also we had planned to have the sound panning over many speakers, using multiple networked computers - this was not possible in the time allowed, but for future development could add far greater travel to the sound, within a potentially larger space.

soundtrack - tom in ciccio, the recording software screen and a ceiling speaker

This project was selected to be presented in the school exibition in Milan, during the Salone del Mobile, April 14 - 19, 2004. The concept was developed as audiograffiti, to take it to the more robust and refined 'stand alone' level, as required for an exhibition installation.

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