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benjamin dove | interaction design institute ivrea, 2003 - 2005
private lives public health
february - march 2004

(ben dove, matty sallin)

private_lives_public_health - launch project site
launch project site
(archived version, originally here - http://courses.interaction-ivrea.it/zoom/index2004.html)

Service design
Can what you don't know (can't see), hurt you?

The air we breathe and the surfaces we touch are continually shared with other people. For some, it is simpler to assume our communal environments are safe from contamination then to question every shared contact. Others prefer to take elaborate precautions.

private_lives_public_health - view the bathroom experience prototype (wmv, 9.75mb)
view the bathroom experience prototype (wmv, 9.75mb)

Working with the general concept of making the invisible visible in relation to germ paranoia, we moved from a local, shared bathroom based, coin operated (does this make it a service?) lighting system of visualising undesirable bacteria, to a larger scale method of visualising cold and cough medicine sales (possibly combined with supporting data concerning school and office absences, daytime tv viewer numbers, sales of tissues, oranges, vitamin c supplements etc) to provide a public service where people can become more aware of currently perceived risk levels.

private_lives_public_health - initial visualisation idea

After exploring various methods of visualising information changing over time - we decided to use the London postcode system, where we would theoretically be monitoring illness related activity for a general postcode area, as opposed to specific points in space. This was thought to be clearer to the viewer, allowing the user to see the difference between areas at a glance.

private_lives_public_health - the london postcode model for visualising data comparisons

We made a service touchpoint prototype, a simulation of illness movement and progression, based upon assumptions of illness duration, rate of infection, and people travelling to neighbouring postcodes each day. This simulation model allowed us to have an organic and relatively unpredictable variation in 'ill' people within a postcode. From this we could experience a dynamic visual representation of illness spreading through an area.

With the walter's assistance, we developed a formula to simulate the illness progression, based upon these assumptions.

private_lives_public_health - some of the formula used for the illness progression simulation

The simulation; (flash)

private_lives_public_health - the simulation - launch the prototype
Launch the prototype

An idea for how a web based touch point could exist was to frame the interface in a weather report section of a news website. In theory this also fits into catagories of health and travel.

private_lives_public_health - an idea for how a web based touch point could exist, within a weather report framing
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