physical intranets and connected interfaces - messenger wall

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"question the quality, accuracy and appropriateness of current communication technologies, the level of information they transmit and the experiences that they provide within shared workspaces. The focus will be on merging real and virtual spaces, enabling and supporting communication, helping to promote awareness and a sense of community"

For this project, I chose to explore possibilities for developing physical elements to enhance the general sense of connectedness (or lack of) here in Ivrea, the "isolation bubble" that is the bluhaus (work) and talponia (live) existance.

When speaking of connectedness I refer to the feeling of awareness one can gain in an environment rich with sources of inbound peripheral information flow, such as the ambient sound of radios, tvs, electronic activity, buzzing, humming, clocks ticking, neighbours music, as well as the visual interference and noise of billboard advertising, graffiti, flickering monitors, streetlights.

The absence of these aspects of dynamic presence evidence are the things a "city dweller" most notices with increasing intensity in the peace and quiet of Ivrea.

My aim in this project is to try to import noise as a sense of presence and activity, with the intention of installing more sources of ambient noise in the school to counter the occurence of 'eerie silence' that can often occur.

ben dove - interaction ivrea - may 2004