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When thinking about these issues directly in relation to existance at school in Ivrea, and a sense of community in the workspace, I came up with the following issues:

Technical Note:

My original context of 'informative noise generation' seemed to be incorrect in reference to the technical defiinition of noise.

By definition, noise is generally undesirable, unatttractive, unpleasant and unwanted.

Examples of desirable "white noise" such as the rhythmic shaking of the washing machine, rustling leaves, water flowing, rain against the window etc, are then not considered noise by definition due to the nature of production of these environmental affects - they are generated by specific processes which have an order and follow certain rules.

Therefore these pleasant examples of noise may more accurately (technically) be described as something along the lines of "desirable ambient interference"...? However I will continue to refer to these examples as noise for the sake of simplicity - bearing in mind what I actually mean.

Dictionary definition of noise:

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