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benjamin dove | interaction design institute ivrea, 2003 - 2005
november 2004

(öznur özkurt, aram armstrong)

mycal - working prototype - modifying the calander view by entering tags (1)
mycal - working prototype - modifying the calander view by entering tags (2)

'Create a model for the Institute calendar. The model should consider the means to input and manage all necessary Institute schedules and events. The model should incorporate the means to distribute and display schedules and events to its specific audiences in an accessible way, pertinent to their circumstances and requirements.

The model should consider factors relating to the complexities of scheduling. The model should consider user types and audience types both internal and external to the institute. The model should consider the most effective means to distribute schedules and event information to its users'.

This was a two week intensive project where we developed a calander/scheduling system specifically to meet current needs of the institute.

We decided to focus on the idea of using 'tags', to provide personalised views of the calander - as inpired by the recent popularity of tag use for organising shared images, on the flickr website.

The main idea is that, most of the time when you look at a calander, you are only really interested in events that concern you - and one problem with the current school calander is that it is crammed with information for many different groups of people, with no quick easy way to see only what is relevant to you.

This idea then lead on to thinking about the 'you' aspect being a variable, or a tag which can be anyone or anything that is linked to the school, so you could customise the calander view to see only everything relevant to your friend, a room, a library book etc... and then combinations of these.

There is also the potential for play within the system, as people (only within the school community) can enter anything and assign obscure tags only known amongst a certain group of people (which may or may not prove to be useful or amusing...).

mycal - calander personalisation using 'tags'

We saw this as both an opportunity to search and filter calander entries and events, and to encourage community interaction through the calander.

A working browser based prototype was developed to enter and view calander events, with basic tag/keyword filtering for viewing specific events within the calendar.

mycal - adding an event/entry into the system (1)

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