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benjamin dove | interaction design institute ivrea, 2003 - 2005
messenger wall
may 2004
messenger_wall - school 'isolation bubble idea' sketch
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A four week, individual project exploring interesting possibilities for enhancing a sense of 'community-connectedness' in a shared/distributed working environment.

Within days of becoming a student at IDII, one becomes rapidly aware of the essential part instant messenger software plays in school community existence.

I chose to build a platform for interpreting msn messenger activity, using macromedia director - with the concept of using the instant messaging activity of the school 'buddy list' to affect a physical space within the school building, while also looking at ideas of comfortable ambient noise and communal messaging in a shared work space.

messenger_wall - monitoring msn messenger activity in director
messenger_wall - displaying received messages, like a communal/shared/public instant message board
messenger_wall - a possible location for the system...