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benjamin dove | interaction design institute ivrea, 2003 - 2005
lucky stars
november 2003

(giovanni cannata, erez kikin-gil, ruth kikin-gil, gary stilwell, akemi tazaki, haraldur már unnarsson)

lucky_stars - project logo

Our school trip to Riccione - on the north east coast of Italy, where we visited the Aquafan water theme park, as well as the Oltremare and IMAX tourist attraction development within the park situation.

This was a week long project, where the objective was to explore ideas of using interaction design to enhance the park experience. Our group focused on the night life aspect of the park, when it transforms into a club environment.

Concept: 'Lucky Stars' are RFid tagged identity stickers, with corresponding star signs. There would be designated intelligent walls which can recognise the stickers and generate/project avatars for each person, which would interact with each other, acting as a fun and innovative "ice breaker" in the club environment.

lucky_stars - collage of presentation pictures