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benjamin dove | interaction design institute ivrea, 2003 - 2005
cube design
december 2003

The objective here was to design a theoretical space for living, using a 3m x 3m x 3m cube as a constraint.

We made cardboard/paper scale models to explore some creative possibilities using the cube as a starting point.

My idea was for a mobile, 'tree-house' style cube, with a transporter hook/attachment on the top and a long spike for a base.

cube_design - cardboard model 1 cube_design - sketches 1 cube_design - sketches 2
cube_design - sketches 3 cube_design - cardboard model 2 cube_design - sketches 4

The whole unit could be carried by helicopter to a desired location, then dropped from a specific height to achieve the desired distance between the living space and the ground. This variable distance might also provide and interesting aspect of 'wind swaying', as the higher up the cube is and the less deeply the spike is impacted into the ground - the more it would be affected by the wind.