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benjamin dove | interaction design institute ivrea, 2003 - 2005
colour walk
november 2003

Brief: Produce a printed book/booklet/leaflet to document a colour walk.

colour_walk - the finished printed foldout

The intention of this exercise was to follow one colour - to walk for exactly one hour on that colour, from one specific time and place to another, while making/taking observations to explore the varying perceptions of a colour you can experience.

The concept originates from one of the essays by William S. Burroughs entitled "Ten Years and a Billion Dollars", in which the author describes an exercise performed with his students in the creative writing class:

"Another exercise that is very effective is walking on colours. Pick out all the reds on a street, focussing only on red objects-brick, lights, sweaters, signs.. Notice how the colours begin to stand out more sharply of their own accord"

I followed green, which quickly became apparent as the most commonly occuring colour on the planet.. The exercise was completed on a very brief visit to Venice, during free time on the school trip - the hour was the time taken to find my way back to the car to meet the rest of the group.

As time progressed, panic began to set in due to the ease of getting lost in Venice, I tried to reflect this in the design.

colour_walk - sequence picture 2colour_walk - sequence picture 3colour_walk - sequence picture 4colour_walk - sequence picture 5colour_walk - sequence picture 6colour_walk - sequence picture 7colour_walk - sequence picture 8colour_walk - sequence picture 9colour_walk - sequence picture 10colour_walk - sequence picture 11colour_walk - sequence picture 12colour_walk - sequence picture 14colour_walk - sequence picture 14
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