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benjamin dove | interaction design institute ivrea, 2003 - 2005
audiograffiti at salone del mobile
april 2004

(andreea chelaru, ben dove, noel perlas, thomas stovicek)

Gallery of the preparation and installation of audiograffiti, for the school exhibition:

"This is Today. The invasion of the interactive body snatchers"

Milan Triennale
Salone Del Mobile, April 14-19 2004.

audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - footwitch LED closeup
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - labelling everything!!
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - checking everything works as planned
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - the new microphones, with springs to make them a bit stronger
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - tom drilling speaker enclosures
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - tom cutting speaker enclosures
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - marking out ciccio for hanging microphones
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - preparing ciccio and speaker enclosures
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - the new interior microphone layout
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - the stencils
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - ready to spray the title on ciccio
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - spraypainting audiograffiti
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - inflating
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - setting up at the exhibition space
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - installing a wire to support the inflatable structure
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - running cables down the spine of ciccio
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - ready to go
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - lighting set
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - please take off your shoes before entering...
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - waiting in the queue to go inside
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - just leave your shoes here
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - inside audiograffiti 1
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - inside audiograffiti 2
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - inside audiograffiti 3
audiograffiti_at_salone_del_mobile - the battleworn ciccio at the end of the exhibition
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